Living Spaces

Flaunt your Uniqueness.

Wall Feature.

Integral part of any designer space, the feature wall is the focal point of your living room. 
Every home that we design includes a unique feature wall that stuns your onlookers and leave a lasting impact. 

BuildWorx Interiors

False Ceilings.

False ceilings are the de-facto standard in designer homes. These secondary structures add harmony and a touch of class to your design. 
They also open avenues for ambient lighting and installation of fixtures. 

BuildWorx Interiors

Concept Furniture and

Show your true colours. Bring out the best of your design concept with custom designed furniture and upholstery to match the mood of your living room.   

BuildWorx Interiors

Light Fixtures.

Chandeliers, Wall lights, Focus lights, cove lights - Plethora of options to create a unique mood for your space. 

BuildWorx Interiors

Paints, Textures and

Monotonous walls are a thing of the past. Choose from a wide selection of matt, gloss or texture painting options. Or highlight walls with textured paints and wallpapers.

BuildWorx Interiors

Partitions and Storage. 

Organize your space. Do more with less. Interesting and unique Partitions and Storage options to redefine your space. 

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